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The Midwives Alliance of North America
For more information regarding midwifery in North America visit The Midwives Alliance of North America.

National Association of Registered Midwives
For more information regarding Certified Professional Midwives and the CPM credential.

California Association of Midwives
For more information on midwifery in California please see the professional midwifery organization of California, CAM. CAM’s goals are to provide education to the general public regarding the proven safety of childbirth at home with a skilled midwife in attendance, to work collaboratively with other organizations to assure consumer choice in childbirth, to pursue state laws and regulations that will be responsive to the needs of women and midwives.

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)
Support and information on cesarean prevention, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and planning your birth.

Interviewing a Midwife
Interested in checking out midwives in your area but not sure what you should ask? We have provided you with a list of questions to ask during an your interview that will help you decide which midwife is best for you.

Family Midwifery FAQ's
Do you want to know just a little bit more about Family Midwifery Service? Read our FAQ page where you'll find answers to questions like 'why do mother's transport?', 'do we have tubs available for waterbirth?' and 'do I need to hire a doula also?'

Home Birth Supplies
A list of what you can do during your pregnancy to prepare for childbirth and a detailed list of what Family Midwifery recommends to have on hand at your homebirth.

Transforming the Costly Travesty of US Maternity Care
Some interesting facts about the increasing cost of delivery room births in the United States.

Pregnancy, Natural Birth, Attachment Parenting and Breastfeeding

Mothering MagazineMothering Magazine
It always seems to be delivered at just he right time. Mothering Magazine’s web site is another great resource for mothers and families. It includes a practitioner database, articles on pregnancy & birth, new baby, growing child, body & soul, food for families and a comprehensive discussion forum with topics relative to homebirth and natural birth. This web site is updated weekly with new content on great topics.

Dr. Sears
Mama and Baby Friendly pediatric experts Dr. Sears and his wife Martha Sears, R.N., authors of The Sears Parenting Library, which includes books on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, fussy babies, discipline, family nutrition, and attachment parenting. Dr. Sears is supportive of natural birth, breastfeeding, and healthy mother baby attachment.

breastfeedingLa Leche League International
LLLI was founded in 1956 by breastfeeding mothers. LLLI is now in its 50th year of being a tremendous resource for all women interested in information and/or support in breastfeeding. LLLI is considered the world’s foremost authority on breastfeeding (besides mommies themselves). LLLI has an enormous online store with great books on everything from breastfeeding to postpartum depression, including my favorite book on breastfeeding, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

By far the most important resource offered by LLLI are the monthly meetings which are offered in most areas. LLL meetings are open, informative discussions. Mothers who attend LLL meetings find there is more than basic breastfeeding information to be gained. They enjoy the experience of being with other women and their babies who are breastfeeding too. There is nothing as helpful as mother to mother support. The information is divided into topics for a four-meeting series. Topics include: The Benefits of Human Milk, Preparing For Birth and Breastfeeding, The Normal Course of Breastfeeding, Weaning With Love, and The Importance of Breastfeeding.

The other amazing service provided by LLL is the access to the La Leche Leaders. LLL Leaders run meetings and are available by phone to help with breastfeeding problems. These women have happily and successfully breastfed their own children and have subsequently been accredited by LLLI. The website has contact information for local leaders and meetings.

Childbirth Connection
Childbirth Connection is a national not-for-profit organization that uses research, education and advocacy to improve maternity care for all women and their families.  Visit their site for current studies and information on why type of provider and place of birth matter.
The #1 site for breastfeeding information, support and attitude.


Babywearing Resources

Baby WearingMy favorite sling is the New Native Baby Carrier

Maya Wrap

Eco Baby Carrier

Over the Shoulder Baby Holder

Kangaroo Korner
Pouches and slings for the water

Attached to Baby
Sponsors a baby wearing forum

The Baby Wearer
This site offers a product directory, articles, and reviews of baby carriers as well as an active forum

Wear Your Baby
This site offers babywearing instructions, videos, and tutorials


Cloth Diapering Resources

Cloth DiaperingMother Ease
I have used cloth diapers with all three of my children. The mother-ease one size fits all diaper (fits 8 to 35 lbs.) is my favorite. They are so absorbent my daughter can wear one diaper all night without any leaking or diaper rash!

Katie's Kisses Cloth Diapers

Baby Bunz Cloth Diapers

Bummis Cloth Diapers & Wraps

Little Cabooses Diaper Service

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