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Homebirth & Complete Prenatal Care

Homebirth and Waterbirth services by Family Midwifery ServiceFamily Midwifery offers individualized and complete prenatal care for home births including water birth. We enable women to actively share in the decision making that occurs during pregnancy, labor and birth by offering personalized prenatal care and education. You receive hands on assistance during labor, birth, the immediate postpartum and the newborn exam with an emphasis on establishing a good breastfeeding relationship.

Services you will receive:

  • Free consultation and pregnancy testing
  • Midwife on call 24 hours a day throughout pregnancy and 1st month postpartum
  • Lab work appropriate for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, including the Expanded AFP Test and the Newborn Screening (labwork not included in midwifery fee)
  • Referrals for childbirth education classes
  • Attendance at your labor with a midwife and skilled assistant
  • Newborn exam
  • A mother & baby check-up within 24-48 hours of your baby's birth
  • Two subsequent mother & baby check-ups in the 1st two weeks
  • A final six week check-up for mother & baby
  • Referrals to community resources

You will need a birth kit for a homebirth. This contains supplies that are necessary and useful. Visit the homebirth supplies & preparation page for more details.

Aqua Doula tubs are available for rent for those desiring a waterbirth. This is the quintessential portable spa developed specifically for labor and waterbirth.  The tubs are easily set up within minutes and are soft, sturdy and comfortable.

Specifications: Diameter – 54 inches
Weight – 50 lbs (without accessories)
Water capacity – 175 gallons (filled 6 inches from the top)
Depth – 24 inches
Construction – polyethelene, ABS, PVC vinyl, stainless steel, aluminum

Complete midwifery care is $6000

Some Extra Resources

A landmark study shows planned homebirths are safe. Please visit our homebirth facts page to view this recent study.

If you have questions about waterbirth, our waterbirth FAQ's page may help.

Our Service Area

Family Midwifery Services is based out of Tehachapi, California and are available throughout most of Kern County and north Los Angeles County. Cities include Bakersfield, Lake Isabella, Palmdale, Lancaster, Pearblossom and Ridgecrest. Not sure if you are within our service area... contact us today.


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