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About Family Midwifery Service

Justine Backhaus L.M., C.P.M., L.C., R.L.C

I am a graduate of the National Midwifery Institute, a three year midwifery school to become a California Medical Board Licensed Midwife (L.M.) I am also a Certified Professional Midwife (C.P.M.) through the North American Registry of Midwives.

A proud mother of three children, all of whom were born at home in the water, I have been working with pregnant women and their families since 1999 and hold current certifications in both adult and infant CPR as well as Neonatal Resuscitation.

Our Philosophy

Healing, helping, caring, loving hands... belong to a midwife.

Midwives are experts in normal childbirth, maternity care and well woman care. We believe in a womans innate ability to give birth. We provide gentle, nurturing and physiologically based midwifery care. We respect you, your family and your beliefs.  As a Certified Professional Midwife, I encourage and support women to use movement, water, massage and relaxation during natural childbirth. My job is one of patience, support and guidance as you need it.  Developing a trusting and nurturing relationship with you and your family is an important part of the care provided by Family Midwifery Service.

A midwife knows that a woman labors best in an environment where she feels safe and uninhibited, with attendants whom she knows and trusts.  At Family Midwifery Service we recongnize that birth is a unique process that unfolds differently for each mother and baby.  We view pregnancy, labor and birth as normal, healthy events and understand that birth is a complex and empowering life experience for women and their families.  We welcome family and friends to actively participate in the pregnancy, labor and birth if the mother desires.  Every woman has the right to choose where and with whom she has her baby.

Have Questions or Concerns?

If you are considering a homebirth / waterbirth and have questions, you might want to read through Homebirth Facts or the Waterbirth Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions about myself and / or the midwifery services we offer, please feel free to contact me today.

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